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ARC Advisory Group Report: ABB leads DCS market for 20th consecutive year

In a growing market expected to reach $17.4 billion globally by 2023, a market analysis report by the ARC Advisory Group, an industry analyst firm, confirms that ABB increased its share of the Distributed Control System (DCS) market to 20.0 percent, retaining its leadership position for the 20th year running. 


According to the report, ABB’s presence in many end-user industries was a major factor in this success. The DCS market saw its main growth in oil & gas, chemicals and refining, where also ABB has a strong footprint.


In the process and hybrid industries, DCS are the heart of plant-level digitalization. They automatically control production processes, thus assuring production availability, maximum asset utilization, process efficiency and product quality. Ultimately, DCS enable safe, smart and sustainable goods production, power generation and water purification to enhance the lives of people around the world.  


ABB’s DCS is also a collaboration tool that integrates electrification, instrumentation, automation, telecommunications and safety。 Supplementing its production role, data is gleaned from DCS to derive improvement actions that customer and ABB experts employ to drive plant and enterprise operations。


An example of the technology that producers turn to is ABB’s single-channel Select I/O。 With its digital marshalling capability, Select I/O allows users to engineer large capital projects with maximum flexibility and resilience to late changes。 

该技术帮助生产者的一个例子是ABB的单通道Select I / O。通过其数字编组功能,Select I / O允许用户以最大的灵活性和对后期变更的弹性设计大型资本项目。

ARC’s report suggests that services are likely to be a fast-growing segment of the DCS market. In addition to traditional services, ABB invests heavily in remote-enabled, software-assisted services that are important contributors to DCS security, performance improvement and lifecycle evolution.


ABB is involved in industry bodies and user associations such as the Open Process Automation Forum, NAMUR, and OPC Foundation, to develop and promote open standards and interoperability, ensure customer-focused technology development and foster collaborative industry leadership。 


Looking ahead, emerging countries continue to be a key focus for market development. A resurgence of the global oil & gas upstream industry, expansion of the chemical industry in Asia, and development of the global Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) market are a few of the trends driving growth forecasts for DCS. 




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